Who We Are

Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO), is a youth-led gender-balanced advocacy group which focuses largely on environmental sustainability and public health. Founded in the year 2014, we are dedicated to developing the human interest to observe basic natural laws and adopt the behaviour of living in harmony with nature. Our goal is to create a balanced relation between humans and the various natural systems on which they depend in such a way that all the components are accorded a proper degree of sustainability. Over the years our work has been in diverse fields including climate change, disaster risk reduction, sustainable agriculture, and renewable energy activism.

We work directly with local communities to reduce the vulnerability of groups that are at risk to climate impacts such as children, youth and women who has a comparatively less adaptive capacity due to social and structural inequalities.


We work to create a world whereby conserving the natural environment will be the number one priority of the masses.


Our mission is to research and provide solutions to pressing environmental issues through youth empowerment and public education.


Currently, GAYO seeks to become the nation’s most extensive organisation that guides individual conscious choices in promoting environmental friendliness and safety. We are incorporated according to the laws of Ghana.

The management committee constitutes the highest decision-making body regarding all aspects of GAYO, including policy direction, vision and strategy.

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