Drawing Contest on Environmental Sanitation

Environmental sanitation drawing competition was launched to evaluate the four workshop organized  with support from Environment 360, and Tunza Eco-Generation.

The competition was launched on Tuesday 17th may 2016 by IDEAS – UCC team. The participating schools were Imam Khomeini Primary School and Samrose Complex Academy, both in Amamoma community within the University of Cape Coast (UCC) in the Central Region of Ghana.
The submission date was set for 23rd may, 2016 and a total of 468 pupils were expected to take part in the competition (253 from Imam Khomeini Primary School and 215 from Samrose Complex Acacdemy). Out of this 468 pupils, 213 (128 from Imam Khomeini, and 85 from Samrose Complex Academy) drawings were submitted.

Out of the submitted, 33 were shortlisted and then the final 3 were selected from the 33.
The criteria used for shortlisting included the following the drawing should send a clear message, the drawing should be creative, colored and neat.

The winners (Margaret Osman – 1st place, Abigail Andoh – 2nd place, Kwame Adonor – 3rd place) were awarded in the following way:
FIRST PRIZE = a certificate and a gift certificate for a school uniform.
SECOND PRIZE = a certificate, a Milo branded football and cap, a recycled basket, a coloring book, and a rule.
THIRD PRIZE = a certificate, a sound instrument, a coloring book, and a rule.
The awards were presented to the winners on Friday the 3rd of June, 2016.
The certificates and prizes were provided by Environment 360. Tunza Eco-generation provided pens, sticky note, and leaflets which were used during the workshop.


Margaret Osman – 1st Place.


Kwame Adonor – 3rd Place.


Front: Winners: Kwame, Abigail, and Margaret. Back: Isaac and Emmanuel – GAYO coordinators.



Green Africa Youth Organization participated in Environment 360’s collaboration with Adventure Junkies for their first ever annual float your boat fundraiser. The event was graciously hosted at the Lakeside Marina Park on Saturday. The initiative was to educate people on sustainable methods of waste management and how to make money from plastic waste. The event saw our very own GAYO, Adventure Junkies, UT Bank and Trotro Diaries battle it out on the lake to be winners. Prior to the day of the event, each of the competing teams was assigned to make boats using empty water bottles in a bid to create awareness of the plastic waste menace in the country.  In addition to the awareness creation, it is also hoped that the float your boat campaign will expose people to creative and sustainable uses of plastic waste.


1. GAYO team getting ready to float

Crafts such as waste bins and miniature statues were made also using empty plastic bottles. In addition to the lake competition, there were other team building activities like volleyball and football.


2. #TeamGAYO floating our plastic boat.

Funds raised from this event will go to support the community programming projects of Environment 360 which include expanding the national sanitation day with public schools, as well as creating five targeted education programs that teach children waste segregation habits, gardening skills and leadership skills that empower them to be waste ambassadors in their communities.


3. Paddling wasnt easy but we finished second.

Little by little, Environment 360, just like GAYO also hopes to inspire people to find creative ways to reduce or reuse their own waste, especially recyclable waste and also see plastic waste as more than just #borla.


After months of wrangling, European government leaders succeeded in the early hours of Friday morning to agree an EU climate and energy package up until 2030. They opted to curb CO2 emissions by at least 40 per cent, increase the amount of renewable energy in the mix to at least 27 per cent, and set a non-binding target to reduce energy demand by at least 27 per cent. EU climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard and UN climate chief Christiana Figueres were among those who welcomed the deal as providing “valuable momentum” for the international climate negotiations in Paris in 2015. But most environmentalists agreed the package must “set the floor not the ceiling of European action” and called on the EU to arrive in the French capital “with a more serious offer”. Many slammed the package as a political fudge and said it was falling far short of what science has shown the EU needs to do if global warming is to be kept below the internationally agreed danger-threshold of 2DegC above pre-industrial levels. NGOs also highlighted that the agreed targets are lower than those called for by many of the world’s biggest companies because of “concessions to special interests and eurosceptics”.

  • Despite threats from various countries to veto the deal, the EU has managed to agree a 2030 climate and energy package. The final agreement includes a target to cut CO2 emissions in the EU by at least 40 per cent, to increase the amount of renewable energy in the mix to at least 27 per cent, and a non-binding target to reduce energy demand by at least 27 per cent. Ahead of an important March deadline for countries to submit climate action plans to the United Nations, the EU’s move puts pressure on other major emitters to reveal their plans.
  • NGOs have slammed the deal as a political fudge that falls well short of what citizens, scientists, businesses, economists and investors are demanding. They say the package must “set the floor not the ceiling of European action,” calling for an improved package that would speed up rather than slow down the ongoing transition from dirty to clean energy. Urging a cut in emissions of at least 55 per cent, groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth also want a binding energy savings target of at least 30 per cent, and a 45 per cent target for the share of renewables in the European energy mix.
  • Some EU member states were willing to be more ambitious than the final deal. But their aims were thwarted by “concessions to special interests”. The Polish government negotiated free allowances for its coal power sector and significant financial support, while the UK government was accused of pandering to domestic eurosceptic concerns, blocking a stronger efficiency target. But Oxfam believes that “by leaving the possibility to increase the 40 per cent target”, EU leaders acknowledge the deal is “inadequate”, and will hopefully accelerate the clean energy transition at home while working towards a stronger EU package for Paris.

Ghana Think’s ‘Bar Camp Cape Coast’.


The Ghana Think Foundation’s usual Bar Camp program just recorded its 33rd event as Bar Camp Cape Coast 2014 happened today at the University Of Cape Coast.

The event started with a breakfast after which members had a moment to connect, we call it. Participants socialized, exchanged contacts and started connecting with people who share similar vision and dreams of theirs.

I must not be in a haste to say but the official Bar Camp Cape Coast hashtag #bccapecoast was the 1st trending hashtag in Ghana today. Aside the hundred plus participant at the event auditorium, there were other greater barcampers tweeting and viewing the event live on social media.

There was a speed mentoring session where each participant had about five minutes with a mentor. Mentors present at the event covered fields like; environmental safety, public health,media advocacy, business development, marketing, fashion and organizational development.

From this session, all mentors gathered as a panel and answered questions about topics that were submitted by the participants for discussion. Topics covered; Branding, Recovering from sexual scandal, Using the internet wisely, Getting aid from the diaspora, health, environmental safety and volunteerism. After several colloquium over these topics, many participants learnt the real need of branding. How and where to brand yourself as well as, how to write a good CV.

Ulzen Ato (@Abocco), executive director of the Ghana Think Foundation, explained the name Bar Camp and introduced Kofi Yeboah and other executives to talk about Junior Camp Ghana and the National Volunteer Day #NVDay .

Participants went on break after all  busy, connecting and learning moments for lunch. After lunch, there was a breakout session, where Alugnoa Desmond, Alhassan Muniru, and other participants who submitted topics, led  the breakout sessions.

Outcomes of the breakout sessions were read.

At the end we realized that there are about four volunteering activities that’s gonna happen in Cape Coast on this years National Volunteer Day which falls within the 20th to 22nd Sept.

We also talked about our beach clean up volunteer activity which will happen at the Cape Coast Beach, opposite the old site gate, we will also integrate a small public education to stop open defecation.

The event ended nicely with members singing the National Anthem, taking pictures and connecting more with mentors.

We are very proud to be part of this event and we hope to join Junior Camp and other similar initiatives nationwide and globally, God bless African Youth.